Elantis Premium Funding

AU - 1800 451 111

NZ - 0800 438 634

At Elantis, our loan structure is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. We fund all types of policies including:

Commercial insurance

Domestic insurance

Workers compensation

Paying your Insurance premium doesn’t have to be an up-front expense. We know that cash flow is critical, and using premium funding means you can adequately protect your business and use your cash flow elsewhere.
When arranging your policies, your insurance broker will arrange a premium funding quote from Elantis. Once the funding contract has been approved, we will arrange a direct payment to your policy holder before you begin making your repayments plans to us.
It’s that simple!

Commercial and Domestic funding - what’s the difference?

Commercial Insurance Premium Funding

Covers insurance policies taken out for businesses for commercial purposes. There are many types of insurance a business might require, such as public liability, professional indemnity, management liability and contents insurance.

Domestic Insurance Premium Funding

Covers insurance policies taken out for individuals or households for domestic purposes. These include home, contents, fire, flood, car, health and life insurance.

The Benefits of Premium Funding

Frees up your cash flow, allowing you to use it elsewhere

Easy quoting and fast approvals

Multiple repayment options incl. monthly, quarterly, biannually or fortnightly

Repayment options (Credit card, direct debit and BPay - AU or direct debit - NZ)

Ability to debit from multiple bank acc

Combine multiple policies into one, simple instalment

Fixed interest rate for the term of the loan, providing cash flow certainty.

Interest charges can be tax deductible

Additional security not required as the insurance policy acts as the security

No impact on existing lines of credit or finance facilities currently in place