Why Commercial Premium Funding?

Help your clients reduce the immediate impact of the cost of insurance premiums and free up cash flow for investment in other opportunities.

Insurance premium funding provides a simple and effective method of spreading the cost of annual insurance premiums on a monthly basis.

At Elantis Premium Funding we only distribute our premium funding solutions through insurance brokers like you.

Elantis Premium Funding pays the upfront premium to you as the agent of the insurer and then charges your client a monthly repayment amount. Interest is charged at a fixed rate for the term of the loan.

Your clients do not need to provide any security for the premium funding loan, which means that premium funding does not impact any finance facilities that your client may currently have in place.

Benefits for your brokerage:

  • An additional source of commission income

  • Adds value for your clients by enabling them to afford the most appropriate insurance cover for their operations and helping them to meet their payment obligations

  • Easy quoting and fast loan approval

  • Minimal broker involvement as the Elantis system interfaces with your brokerage system

  • Eliminates administration involved following up clients for overdue payments.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Increases affordability of insurance cover to better protect business operations

  • Frees up capital to help businesses retain flexibility to respond to opportunities.¬†In many cases, the returns generated by the funds retained in the business, may exceed the cost of financing¬†

  • Easy to set up, because you, the broker, will organise everything for your client

  • Simple loan documentation - no security or directors guarantees required

  • Easy repayment options: direct debit or credit card (AU only)

  • Fixed monthly repayments provides cash flow certainty

  • Loans can be structured to match your clients cash flow profile

To learn more about how Elantis Premium Funding can help you offer your clients quick, easy and flexible premium funding opportunities, contact your local Business Development Manager.