Why Professional Fee Funding

Build trust. Strengthen partnerships. Increase scope.

Professional fee funding enables clients to split professional fees from $500 into six, eight, 10 or 12 periodical payments. The client pays a fixed interest charge and a one-off establishment fee. Interest charges and the upfront fee are generally tax deductible, and related client entities can be included on the one contract.

By discussing fees upfront, professionals can build trust and partnership with their clients. They can also give their clients the confidence to use the full extent of the services on offer with the confidence that they will be able to manage repaying the professional fees.

Benefits for professionals:

  • Reduces debtor management costs and restores the real value of outstanding invoices

  • Adds a genuine payment option for all clients

  • Offers the capacity to make project work more accessible for a greater number of clients

  • Ensures your practice has a competitive advantage over practices who don’t offer funding.

Benefits for clients:

  • Improves cash flow by distributing professional fees over a longer, nominated time period

  • Provides an additional line of credit for the business

  • Frees up cash flow for more effective investment

  • Improves cash flow discipline

  • The interest and establishment fees are generally tax deductible.

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