ProFee User Guide

Below are some basic instructions for using the Elantis ProFee Site to create new quotes and contracts.  Alternatively you can click on the Profee User Guide for a more detailed guide.

If at any time you have any questions or require additional information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Logging In

  • To log in to the Elantis ProFee site click on ProFee Login
  • Enter your username and password (If you don't have a username or password or have lost or forgotten either of these, contact us on 1800 451 111)
  • You will then be directed to a new page which has a 'Quotes' menu at the top left hand side.  If you click on this it will give you two options; New Quote, where you can create new quotes, including the contract and; Browse/Find Quotes where you can view existing quotes.

New Quotes

This menu allows you to create new quotes, including generating the contract.

  • Under Quotes click on New Quote, this will then display a new page with three tabs at the top, Quote Details, Client Details and Notes
  • Complete the fields on both the 'Quote Details' and the 'Client Details' tabs, then click Save Quote on the bottom right hand side (Note some fields are mandatory so once you click save you will receive a message asking you to complete any mandatory fields left blank)
  • The Notes tab is optional and is where you enter any notes that you want us to read
  • Once you've saved the quote click on Print Documentation on the bottom left hand side, you then have the option of either Printing or Emailing the contract.  If you select Print this will be displayed as a PDF which you can then print, if you select Email you can then email it to yourself and any other recipients.  This then completes the process. 

Browse/Search Quotes

This menu allows you to search for existing quotes.

  • Under Quotes click on Browse/Search Quotes, this will then display all your existing quotes including the status of each quote.
  • Click Select on the far right hand side of the quote you wish to view.  This will then take you into that quote where you can edit, print, etc.

Password Security

If you lose or forget your password, contact us on 1800 451 111.  You can change your password at any time by clicking 'Change Password' on the top right hand corner.

We strongly recommend that you change your password if any person with knowledge of the password leaves your practice or any time your internal risk management protocols deem it time to change your password.

ProFee Login 

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