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The original professional fee funding solution

Elantis Premium Funding launched ProFee in 2000 with a vision of helping accounting firms build stronger partnerships with their clients by offering them the option of paying their professionals fees on a monthly basis, helping to make accounting fees more accessible and affordable for businesses.

Over 14 years ProFee has expanded to provide professional fee funding Australia-wide.

ProFee’s professional fee funding solution facilitates an upfront conversation between a client and professional about fees, which helps to establish trust and strenthens partnerships. In some cases, increasing a client’s capacity to manage fees has also been shown to increase the use of a professional’s services beyond the initial scope. It also enables clients to manage their monthly expenses more effectively and free up cash flow for more effective investment.

If you are interested in partnering with ProFee to offer your clients a more accessible payment solution please contact Elantis today to discuss their eligibility.

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Excellent service, flexible, and understanding of our needs and clients’ situations.

Ron Ling

Roderick Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd